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You're beautiful - Parodie des 2PM!

Non je n'ai pas abandonné mon LJ, juste je ne savais pas quoi y poster!
Mais je me suis amusée a subbé cette stupide parodie de You're beautiful (un Kdrama que je recommande vivement!!) faite par le groupe 2PM!

Si il y a des fautes, n'hésitez pas à me prévenir :3

Le lien VOSTFR de la vidéo:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V70G5TL6




This is my album web about my trip in Japan: 

It is only a part of my pictures but I will join more pictures later! ^___^



I went back to France yesterday!
Going to Japan 3 weeks is too short! However we had a amazing holiday!
Now, I must return in the real world xD


Hisashiburi desu ne?
Sorry but I was lazy and especially tired!
Today is my birthday, so last night we went to Shibuya!
They changed all the huge posters there. Therefore, it isn't Osamu Murai and Hiroki anymore, but NEWS everywhere!!!! ^___^
They changed it for my birthday xD
Then today, we went to Yokohama, the second biggest city in Japan (3.6 millions inhabitants)!
And tomorrow: Ueno!
Oyasumi nasai :)


Today we arrived at 9H20 in Kyoto, foud our hotel (very nice!) and went visiting some places like Kikakuji temple or Ryotaanji temple! Then we went to Gion and Pontocho with a street like during a Matsuri and some host boys... This mix with some beers was funny!
And Tomorro: Osakaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 

After a big day in Kamakura, today we slept a little bit more than usually. Then we met one of us in Ikebukuro (she went to see the coming century with 3 V6!) at noon. Then we went to Shinjuku visiting directly the Korean Town! It was interesting and we wanted to buy everything! Then we went to the host boys street.. nice xD
Finally we went to Ikebukuto for doig some shopping and took a janjang myon for the dinner.
Tomorrow, we are going to Kyoto at 6.30. So we will wake up at 4;30.... so early!
However, now we want to see Otomen!!!! I like the manga and the main actor so... see u!!! ;)


I'm totally exhausted so tonight it will be  a smaller post than usually!
We went to Kamakura today! We saw some beautiful temples and a huge boudha!
Then we went to a Hanabi Taikai in Gaiemmae. It was one hour of wonderful colors and shapes!
And I think I saw an Amuse tonight: Uehara Takuya. He was wearing a black hat but I clearly saw his face! ^___^
OMG 2.30!!! Oyasumi nasai!

Today was a amazing day!!!!
This morning we went to the J's shop, then we went to the Yoyoi stadium for the concert of Tegomass!
I bought too many thing so I don't have much money left for the two next days ^^'
At 14h, the 1st live of Tegomass began! It was wonderful! I was so chocked that I cried when they arrived..
It's the best live I have ever seen before!!! Amazing really!
And because It was their first live, It was recorded!!! They will release a DVD!!!!
Then Tesshi will do the Dreamboys and Massu a Butai!
Good luck Tegomass! ^___^
After this, we went to Meiji Jingu, the temple in Harajuku and to occidental bazaar where we bought some beautiful yukatas!!!
Nevertheless, we couldn't find any getas for us with our big feet... ^^'''
Finally we went back home, took a bento and ate them in a park with some handly fireworks!
Tomorrow, we are going to Kamakura and it's very late now!
So Oyasumi nasai!
See u

This is our third day in Tokyo.
We went to Asakusa this morning. It's a very nice place. However I was very unlucky for everything there, like picking a bad fortune in the temple, seeing my camera breaking down, walking in a bubble gum....
After, we ate there and took a sentai for the dessert.
Then we went to Shibuya! There are advertissements with actors everywhere!! SMAP, Hiroki and Osamu Murai for "sweet room" were on huge buildings!  Shingo is the super star in Shibuya now!!
In addition; I saw a big poster of News in a Store, so we went inside and I bought a Russ-K T-shirt ^^'
Finally, we had diner in Shibuya and went back home!
Now I am going to have a shower!
This is the end of my second day in Tokyo!!!
Yesterday, we were totally exhausted so we just went to Harajuku and then to Ikebukuro for the dinner.
However, I bought a ticket for TEGOMASS' live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so happy!
Today, we went to Ghibli museum! It's extraordinary but after 2hours we already had seen everything.
Then, we went to Akihabara and took some beautiful pictures of the town by night!
A stange but nice street photographer took us in pictures a lot.. I don't like when someone take a picture of me so it was very embarassing!
Finally we took our diner there and then go back home!
And now I'm going to prepare the next day and sleeping.